Redemption versus Damnation as spiritual metaphors in a selected body of work by Marieke Kruger.


The dissertation argues that the desire for a spiritual dimension to life is not redundant in the technological age.  Instead this dimension becomes ever more important for our psychological and spiritual health.  I also question the current social focus on physical realities rather than spiritual realities.  The study comprises a collection of works consisting of drawing and prints.  Specific drawings and prints exemplify certain issues raised by the text.  The study examines influences on the images such as monumental architecture and landscape as possible metaphor for spirituality  with particular reference to the Romantics.  Parallels between the medieval vision as a didactic tool and views expressed by the images are drawn.  Aspects of Greek and Medieval theater are investigated to frame the use of theatrical elements in my images.  A concern for death and resurrection contained in the images is framed by Egyptian ideas on immortality and journeys into the afterlife.